01:45 pm - 02:10 pm

From your face to space, how XR is changing the world and beyond

Boundaries are there to be broken. The four-minute mile. The grip of gravity. The limits...

03:20 pm - 03:40 pm

The Role of VR in the New Digital Twin World

Digital Twins, or the ability to mimic a physical product or phenomenon in the digital...

03:00 pm - 03:15 pm

Supporting sustainability and ethical responsibility in XR

In a fast evolving technological field, standalone XR headsets were not designed to last. This...

04:10 pm - 04:30 pm

How can Industrial Metaverse help to transform industry? The experience of SNCF RESEAU – DGII - Signalisation

04:35 pm - 04:50 pm

Human Factors in maintainability: use of digital simulation tools

In order to improve performance and working conditions of Helicopter maintenance operations, Human Factors approach...

04:55 pm - 05:20 pm

The Use of XR for Human Space Exploration in Europe

The European Astronaut Centre (EAC) located in Cologne, Germany, is the centre of excellence for...


VR/AR for durable performance

Come and discover how XR paves the way for sustainable business performance. Explore the alliance between these innovative technologies and the ecological, economic and social efficiency of companies. Train your employees through simulations, reducing the need for travel and resources while guaranteeing effective, sustainable skills development. Use AR to make real-time energy consumption data visible in your facilities, helping to identify and solve energy efficiency problems.

Laval Virtual conferences: 10 to 12 April 2024

Understanding the impact of VR/AR

The conferences at Laval Virtual are aimed at all those who want to better understand and grasp immersive technologies in their sector of activity, integrate them into their value chain or anticipate their development: executives, technical managers and others.


Laval Virtual, an event for understanding the future.
For 3 days dedicated to professionals, enjoy the Laval Virtual experience,
the 1st event dedicated to immersive technologies.

Expert VR/AR exhibitors

Since 1999, professionals, start-ups, academics, artists and pioneers of the immersive technology industry have been meeting at the event. Recognized worldwide as Europe’s leading trade show specializing in VR/AR.

Inspiring BtoB conferences

Immersive technologies are evolving at rapid pace and playing an increasingly key role within our societies, in a phenomenon as fascinating as it is unsettling. Faced with these questions, Laval Virtual gives voice to the experts of the sector. Conferences accessible within the framework of the trade show.

Award-winning VR/AR projects

Laval Virtual rewards the best VR/AR projects through a series of unmissable competitions These include #Experiences, #ReVolution, #StartUps, #Students – Demo and #Students – Limited Time. 7 other general categories are also open to candidates.

Memorable evenings

Laval Virtual means fun, unforgettable evenings too, especially the renowned Laval Virtual Party! By associating your organisation with this event, you will benefit from exceptional visibility within the VR/AR community.

Understanding the impact of VR/AR in the industry