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With 5,400 sq.m of exhibition space, 200 exhibitors and 6 BtoB conference slots, Laval Virtual is the biggest event dedicated to VR/AR and their uses. With a community of international experts offering a wide range of innovative solutions, don’t miss out on the best in innovative technologies.

Experts in immersive technologies are on hand to guide you along a custom-designed itinerary to get you to the heart of what interests you most. A sure-fire way of ensuring you see all the innovations you’re looking for without running out of time. A sure-fire way of ensuring you see all the innovations you’re looking for without running out of time.



Are you a group or company? Opt for Laval Virtual’s “Guided Tours”, tailor-made itineraries prepared in advance by our experts based on your areas of interest.

Whether it’s for your in-house teams or for your customers and partners, set up your own group and benefit from the support of our experts. We’ll identify the most relevant VR/AR players to meet based on your areas of interest, and you’ll be guided through the aisles of the show. It’s an opportunity to make the most of your visit by getting straight to the point!

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the laval virtual's best of show

Coming on your own? Join a group of visitors and sign up for Laval Virtual’s “Best of Show”, a guided tour that takes you through the exhibition’s latest innovations.

As soon as you arrive on site, enjoy a 90-minutes walk-through to deep into the very latest VR/AR technologies with all the fastrack benefits of a private tour. Grab your Full or Exhibition Pass and book your tour to join a group of 15 visitors led by an expert.

The 5 benefits of guided tours and Best of Show

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