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A springboard for students!

#Students is an international competition reserved for students and schools exploring VR/AR in their field of study or training. We are offering students and schools who have developed a project related to these technologies the opportunity to present it free of charge at the event. Showcase your expertise and develop your professional network!

2023 Replay

#Students – Demo

Selection criteria

If you are one of the projects selected, you will be exhibiting as a #Students – Demo. You’ll have to pitch your project to a panel of judges for a chance to win a Laval Virtual Award. The evaluation criteria will cover :

  1. Art direction: graphic and 3D quality of the application/project
  2. Interface use: application interaction, relevant experience
  3. Development: game play, project completion, technical skills
  4. Originality & Creativity
Date Night LV2023 Competition

#Students – Demo: Jury


Immersive Experience Innovation Director , Dassault Systèmes – 3DEXPERIENCE Lab


Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay

Cédric ROYER

Content Director, Ubisoft

Frédéric SIESS

Technical Director, Ubisoft

Contact me!

For more information about competitions, please contact Anne-Sophie CLAYER at asclayer@laval-virtual.org.


HTC VIVE is the premier virtual reality (VR) platform and ecosystem that creates true-to-life VR experiences for businesses and consumers. The VIVE ecosystem is built around premium VR hardware, software, and content. The VIVE business encompasses best-in-class XR hardware; VIVEPORT platform and app store; VIVE Enterprise Solutions for business customers; VIVE X, a US$100M VR business accelerator; and VIVE ARTS for cultural initiatives.

Vive HTC

Since 1993, IVRC has been challenging teams of students to plan and produce interactive works. It has changed radically to create the next generation of VR communities in 2020, as the environment surrounding VR has changed dramatically.



The Unclaimed Masterpiece

The Unclaimed Masterpiece by Arts & Métiers (France) is a virtual reality experience where you play the role of a thief trying to steal a rare painting generated by artificial intelligence. You will face off against a sly butler named Alfred, who is controlled by the GPT-3.5 language model. You will need to put your negotiation skills to the test to convince Alfred to help you in your mission.

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