Actronika provides haptic solutions, seamlessly integrating touch functions into human-machine interfaces. Catering to consumer expectations for enhanced safety, smoothness, and comfort, this technology is versatile – from elevating smartphone user experiences to minimizing distractions in vehicle touch screens.

Whether through immersive vests or other devices, Actronika aims to reconnect people with tangible material experiences, offering multi-sensory engagement in our ever-digital world.

The Skinetic vest allows you to feel every experience in virtual reality. Live in the digital world like never before!

It is equipped with 20 highly innovative voice-coil motors all over the torso, capable of providing over 200 life-like tactile sensations. Seamlessly integrate immersive designs using Unitouch Studio, simplifying haptic design with intuitive tools and an extensive effects library.

Compatible with Skinetic and audio devices, elevate your immersion to new heights