Wednesday 10 April 2024 I 10.30am – 12.45pm

Future: XR, AI & Converging Technologies

Dive with us into a future where the power of artificial intelligence meets the creativity of immersive technologies. Imagine virtual environments and characters that react and adapt in real time, learning from your actions to give you a totally personalised experience. Discover how machine learning algorithms transform simple data into stunning virtual worlds, transporting you beyond the boundaries of possibility. Join us as we explore how these two burgeoning fields are coming together to pave the way for a new era of human-computer interaction, revolutionary entertainment and unimaginable practical applications. Come and be inspired, educated and prepared to dive into the exciting future of AI for VR / AR.

Laval Virtual conferences: 10 to 12 April 2024

To better understand the impact of VR/AR

The Laval Virtual conferences are aimed at all those who wish to better understand and better apprehend immersive technologies in their sector of activity, to integrate them into their value chain or to anticipate their development: executives, technical managers, etc.
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Expert VR/AR exhibitors

Since 1999, professionals, start-ups, academics, artists and pioneers of the immersive technology industry have been meeting at the event. Recognised around the world as Europe’s leading trade show specialising in VR/AR, Laval Virtual will be celebrating its 26th edition in 2024, from 10 to 12 April.

Inspiring industry talks

Immersive technologies are evolving at rapid pace and playing an increasingly key role within our societies, in a phenomenon as fascinating as it is unsettling. Faced with these questions, Laval Virtual gives voice to the experts of the sector. Conferences accessible within the framework of the trade show.

Competitions focused on VR/AR

Every year, Laval Virtual rewards the best VR/AR projects through a series of unmissable competitions strong These include #ReVolution, #StartUps, #Students – Demo and #Students – Limited Time. 7 other general categories are also open to candidates.

Memorable evenings

Laval Virtual means fun, unforgettable evenings too, especially the renowned Laval Virtual Party! By associating your organisation with this event, you will benefit from exceptional visibility within the VR/AR community.

Understanding the impact of AI on immersive techniques