Thursday 11 April 2024 at the Laval Virtual Center

XR PhD students take the floor

The Doctoral Consortium is an opportunity for PhD students to gain critical feedback on their work, share their discoveries, develop their networks of contacts, enhance their skills and perfect their career plans through meetings with companies and research laboratories.

The Doctoral Consortium programme consists of oral presentations of research work and scientific posters by young researchers enrolled in doctoral theses.

PhD students or recent PhD, please submit, before 26 February 2024 (extended deadline), a 2-page summary of your research work. By submitting an abstract, you are automatically admitted to the Doctoriales 2024 and will have one minute to introduce yourself at the start of the day and a poster of your work to present. The detailed programme for the day will be emailed you around 8 March.

How to register for the Doctoral Consortium?

Doctoral students or PhDs who have graduated within the last year and who attend the Doctoriales (with or without presenting a poster or a lecture), pay the same rate. For supervisors, a Full Pass Laval Virtual is required. Here’s how it works:

If you are a PhD student or a doctor who graduated less than a year ago

→ Click here

→ Tick the “Student Pass” box and one of the 2 following boxes: “Doctoriales” or “Premium Doctoriales”.

The “Premium Doctoriales” option includes, in addition to participation in the Doctoriales, the Full Pass Laval Virtual which allows access to the exhibition, conferences, Tech-talks and all the social events of Laval Virtual, LV Party, Awards Ceremony…

f you are the supervisor of a doctoral student taking part in the Doctoral Consortium

→ Click here

Tick the “Full Pass” box, which gives you access to the exhibition, conferences, Tech-talks and all the Laval Virtual social events, LV Party, Awards Ceremony… and the Doctoral Consortium!

Meeting people and forging links

The PhD students also can meet XR companies through a visit to the Laval Virtual exhibition to create productive and exciting exchanges between the companies and the PhD students.

The Doctoral Consortium is a unique opportunity for PhD students in the field of XR (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, metaverse) from France, Europe and elsewhere to meet and create lasting professional links.

Contact me!

For more information on how to take part, please contact Simon RICHIR at the following e-mail address:

Where does the event take place?

The Doctoral Consortium will take place at the Laval Virtual Center on Thursday 11 April. The address is as follows:

Laval Virtual Center
• Rue Marie Curie
• 53810 CHANGÉ


This event is organised with the support of AFXR.

Attend the Doctoral Consortium