We’re on a mission to transform the way hard skills are created and learned for high-risk, practical industries. We’re committed to enhancing safety and efficiency while championing businesses to embrace a culture of continuous learning and development. Through our innovative Luminous XR platform we equip creators, developers, and enterprises with the tools to create, manage, and distribute unparalleled virtual training experiences.

FLOW, for Unity is our visual scripting tool that enables creators and developers to easily create high-quality XR training content simply by dragging and dropping nodes to create steps. Our in-house team use Flow to create XR content for our global clients.

PORTAL is our all-in-one learning management platform where trainers and trainees can access classes, personalised schedules and in-depth analytics on individual trainee progress.

MARKETPLACE is where you can purchase our quality off-the-shelf content, so you can jump straight into VR training.