Wondder is empowering people with Virtual Reality and ethical AI. We create and deliver leadership training and personal development in Virtual Reality, AI-driven.We, humanity, are in a mess: climate change, social inequality, pandemic black swans and more. We’d like to get out of the mess. We have defined aspirational goals, like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, that paint a great vision for getting out of the mess. We, at wondder, work on enabling people to reach such goals: personal development, consciousness development, leadership development – how can we grow to be the people who CAN solve the global challenges? And how do we do it fast? – as time is of the essence. We need a global consciousness shift to get out of the mess – and technology might be able to help us there. We deploy VR and ethical AI to this purpose, with the intention of facilitating change in at least 700 million people worldwide – happy to tell you why this number in a conversationwondder is a startup based in Berlin.